Ubongo Campaign

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Summary of Past Events


The Ubongo Kenya National Brain Bee Contest



Date: Saturday, 15th June, 2013.

Venue: Ford Hall, Nairobi National museum

07:45am Assembly of organizers and facilitators in Nairobi National Museu

08:00am Arrival of high school student participants

08:15am Assembly of all student participants and facilitators at the Ford Hall

08:30am Introduction and welcoming – Eric Irungu

08:45am Opening talk and overview of Ubongo brain awareness campaign –Eric Irungu

Neuroscience lectures, demonstrations and Brain Bee Contest (09:00 – 12:00noon)

09:00am Neuroanatomy- Fazal Yakub

09:30am Neuroevolution- Joseph Nderitu

10:00am Neurophysiology –Mohammed Omar

10:30am Learning, memory and drugs –Viraj Patel, Otioli Wambalaba and Cynthia Waliaula

11:00am Refreshments break

11:30am Brain Bee Quiz

Neuroscience career presentations panel discussion, Q & A session (12:00noon – 1:00pm)

12:00-12:30pm Career Talk- Dr. Peter Nguhiu ( Ubongo Kenya alumnus)

12:40pm Announcement of Brain Bee Quiz results and award of prizes and certificates –Meggie Mwoka and Eric Irungu

13:00pm Closing and departure

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  1. Brain Awareness Event held in Kenya on March 12th 2011 at Large Lecture Theatre, Chiromo Campus 

    9:00–9:20 Registration and settling in of visitors and guest speakers
    9:30–9:40 Welcome by Prof J. Hassanali: UBONGO and MSAKE.
    9:30–10:00am Dr. Boniface Kavoi: Neuroscience Research and Ibro/ Sona Neuroscience Schools
    10-10.30am:  Dr P Kariuki and Dr. Ambrose Agweyu: UBONGO CAMPAIGN 6years and Google Search
    10.30 – 11am Dr. Idle Farah Director General, National Museums of Kenya: Museums and Research Potential
    11am – 12.30pm Institute of Primate Research (IPR)
    ·         Dr. Tom Kariuki (Director): Research related to Primates and Neuroscience
    ·         Dr. Michael Ndungu: Stroke and vascular lesions in primate, ongoing study
    ·         Dr. Barrak Suleman: Stress, hormones, memory and hippocampus
    ·         Questions and discussions
    ·         Tea Break
    1-2 pm      Prof. Nilesh Patel: Neurobiology of Drugs: Blue Brain project, computer model of human brain: Vote of Thanks
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  2. High School Brain Awareness EventTargeting Secondary School Students (form 3 and form 4) at Choromo Campus, UoN, Saturday, 14th May 20 from 9am to 2pm 


    9:00-9:30       Arrival of schools and gathering of students for welcome speech Mr Charles   Masaki and Prof Jameela Hassanali. Students sorted into groups of 10 for 6 stations.

    a)    Gross brain
    b)    Histology of the Nervous Tissue
    c)    Neurophysiology
    d)    Fun facts about the brain
    e)    Drugs and their effects on the brain
    f)     Artificial Neural Networks by Dr. Peter Waiganjo - School of Computing and Informatics

    9: 30-12:30    Station rounds. Each group will take 30min per station. 20min for presentations by facilitators and 10min for an interactive evaluation session

    12:30-1pm     Break in the grounds for snacks followed by Neuroscience career talk by Dr. Michal Ndungu  from Institute of Primate Research                         
    Awards for the two best students from the results of the quizz on all stations.

    1-30pm         Closing speech by Prof. Patel
    Intereaction with students and feed back form teachers. 

    2pm.             Official ending of the event.
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  1. Ubongo Brain Awareness Campaign and Brain Bee Competition held at Ngong Township School, Ngong on Saturday, 4th July, 2009.

  2. Continuous Medical Education talk on Advances in Stroke Care by Prof Rafael Llinas of John Hopkins University and a talk on USMLE board examinations. This was in conjunction with Medical Students Against AIDS (MESA).
  3. Public education on stroke among Diabetes Patients held at the Diabetes Clinic in Kenyatta National Hospital.



  1. Brain awareness among High school students and undergraduate students at the University of Nairobi. Venue Chiromo Campus.
  2. Brain Awareness among High school students at Kianda School.

In both instances we held the first Brain Bee Neuroscience competition for High school students in Kenya.



  1. Symposium on Brain Ageing and Dementia in Developing Countries at the Safari Park Hotel Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Public Lecture by IBRO faculty, practical Laboratory sessions on neuroscience research and a later visit to the diagnostic centre in Westlands, Nairobi.

Target for both events were Undergraduates in Medicine and related fields.



The Ruiru brain campaign at Thome primary school. Target audience were students in Class 7 and 8.


  1. Brain awareness event targeted to high school students. Venue: Chiromo Campus
  2. AIDS Outreach to rural community in Ole Tepesi. This was in conjunction with Medical Students Against AIDS (MESA)